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Why eminent domain is the best option

July 3, 2013, by Support Team

Bob Lidsky's position on why eminent domain may be the best option for landowners - and the best way to stop the pipeline.

Soil Compositions Along the Proposed Pipeline Routes

October 25, 2012, by Support Team

Kimberly Merenz.

I would ask that we remember that our ancestors came to this country for their freedom, and fought and died for our freedom to speak. When we deny even one of our neighbors their freedom to speak we dishonor all those who have died for that freedom. May you and all beings be happy and free from suffering.

Davenport Residents Say No to Constitution Pipeline!

July 17, 2013, by Support Team

by: Rachel Goff

Despite the ongoing efforts of the sponsors of the Constitution Pipeline to win local support for the project, those efforts have failed in the Town of Davenport. The message is clear: Constitution Pipeline, you are not wanted here.

Propane Shortage: Does the present predict the future?

February 3, 2014, by Rachel Goff in Fracking , Pipeline

So, the other day I was wondering why some portions of this country were dealing with shortages of propane and the accompanying price spikes.  Since information is readily available via the internet, I searched on” propane shortage” to check out the situation.  The article I read cited two main reasons for the current shortage: first, a lot of propane was used last fall to help dry a bumper crop of corn, and secondly, more propane was exported out of the United States than usually occurs because market pricing made it more profitable to export than to retain the propane for domestic use.  Drying corn grown in this country?  Corn is used in a wide variety of foods for people plus animal feeds and to make ethanol, thus this part of the explanation seemed very reasonable to me.  Exporting domestic supplies of propane, thereby creating semi-localized shortages and huge price increases for people who need this fuel to heat their homes during this very challenging winter?  Troubling, to say the least.  What does this have to do with Constitution Pipeline?  Although we are told the fracked gas from Pennsylvania filling the Constitution Pipeline, if built, will be sent to domestic markets to the benefit of domestic customers, it seems that world market pricing will have much more to do with the destination of the gas than words on paper in an application sent to FERC.  What do you think?

These acts are Criminal

by Support Team

A rather straightforward way to kill a pipeline - or at least a pipeline route. . .

July 19, 2013, by Support Team

This is a rather straightforward way to kill a pipeline - or at least a pipeline route. . . 

Williams is already making MISTAKES "in-service on or before March 31, 2013"

July 12, 2013, by Support Team

Williams mistakes in linked post to FERC


WHEREFORE, COGC respectfully moves to intervene in the above-styled proceeding and urges the Commission to expeditiously approve the proposed Constitution facilities so that they can be in-service on or before March 31, 2013.

What boom? Industry pundits claim thousands of jobs will be created, but numbers don’t quite add up

by Support Team

They predicted it would create hundreds of thousands -- even millions -- of jobs. They talked about energy independence, waves of new industry flocking to the area. But today, years into the Marcellus shale boom, the numbers tell a different story.

Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate is now higher than the national average.

The state lost 5,800 jobs last year, ranking 49th in the nation for job creation. The latest government data shows that Marcellus shale development brought about 6,362 jobs annually to the state, which accounts for less than 0.5 percent of the workforce.

Experts say that the Marcellus boom may not be as big as the talk that surrounds it.

“(Marcellus) is not ultimately going to be a driver in all economic activity in the state of Pennsylvania,” he said. “It’s not something that is going to radically change the course of Pa.’s economy."

‘CAUTION’ – “Avoid breathing dust or spray mist.”

by Support Team

You know that things have gone too far when over half of an entire state will be sprayed from the air with broad-spectrum herbicide.  May 4th 2013 West Virginian newspaper, The Morgantown Dominion Post, reported that EQT Corp. ‘will use the aerial application of herbicides to help maintain the rights-of-way (ROW) for some of its gas transmission and gathering lines throughout select counties in West Virginia.’ 25 counties will be prayed from the air with two chemicals that the product manufacturers’ own product description sheets state in capital letters ‘CAUTION’ – “Avoid breathing dust or spray mist.”

Landowners deny permission for pipeline surveys

by Rachel Goff

Landowners Deny Permission for Constitution Pipeline Surveys according