This Friday is going to be a huge day for the climate movement both here in the U.S., and all across the world as young leaders and adults take to the streets to demand bold action on climate, jobs and justice.

From mass mobilizations to school-based walkouts, people all over are going to be making their voices heard, and sending a message about the power of our movement.

Will you #StrikeWithUs? Find an action in your area here.

Transformative action on climate change offers the chance to rebuild, renew, and restore the balance between people, the environment, and our economy. That balance will only be achieved when we prioritize the well-being of people over profit, protect and strengthen front-line communities, mandate racial and cultural equity for those too often left out or left behind, and invest in institutions that strengthen and enhance the common good of all people while combating the crisis of climate change.

This day of action is an opportunity to make our voices heard, and let our leaders know that we can’t keep waiting aro