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  • A 2013 Compliance Report issued by the PA DEP states that Williams, through three pipeline subsidiaries, was charged the most fines of any oil and gas company in the state.
  • Williams repeatedly violated these conditions of their permits:
  • Failure to implement and maintain the Erosion and Sediment Best Management Practices
  • Failure to provide an Erosion and Sediment Plan
  • Failure to immediately seed, mulch, or otherwise protect sites after earth disturbance
  • Creating a danger of pollution to waters of PA
  • Allowing sediment to enter waters
  • Discharging pollution into waters
  • Failure to comply with approved ESCGP-1 (Erosion and Sediment control General Permit)
  • Failure to obtain an ESCGP-1 (Erosion and Sediment control General Permit) for an additional access road
  • Inaccurate marking of a wetland crossing
  • A DEP inspector notably commented: “…this violation had been continuously noted in previous inspections and had not been resolved as of the date of this inspection.”
  • Protect New York State water quality deny the 401 water quality certificate!
  • See a Sample Letter
  • Williams fined $388,694 in 2013 — the highest fines of any oil and gas company in the PA.
  • Demonstrates a deliberate disregard for the environment and for the agencies in charge of its protection
  • PADEP issued 19-page Penalty Report –the compan