Tell Your State Government to Stop the Pipeline

//Tell Your State Government to Stop the Pipeline

Tell Your State Government to Stop the Pipeline

Take action to contact Governor Cuomo and your elected congressional members by phone and email.

Let them know your thoughts about the proposed “Constitution” pipeline.

Call Governor Andrew Cuomo


Email Governor Andrew Cuomo

Email The Governor

Call DEC Commissioner Joseph Martens


Email DEC Commissioner Joseph Martens

Email DEC Commissioner Joseph Martens

Call Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

800-771-7755 or 212-416-8000

Email Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

Email Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

Call Commissioner of Health Dr. Howard Zucker


Email Commissioner of Health Dr. Howard Zucker

Email Commissioner of Health Dr. Howard Zucker

Call Senator Kristen Gillibrand


Email Senator Kristen Gillibrand

Email Senator Gillibrand

Call Senator Charles Schumer


Email Senator Charles Schumer

Email Senator Schumer

Call Congressman Chris Gibson


Email Congressman Chris Gibson

Email Congressman Gibson

Talking Points for Phone Calls and Emails

  • New Yorkers are against this pipeline.
    – Over 8,000 written comments were delivered to NYS DEC opposing the project.
    – NYers are outraged that an out-of-state company might be allowed to sieze land by eminent domain for private profit.
  • The pipeline could cause a substantial increase in storm related damage.
    – This area of central NY is prone to extreme storms caused by climate change.
    – Prior storms have caused billions of dollars in damage to NY.
    – The NYS DEC commented on the “catastrophic erosion events witnessed by NYSDEC staff in previous pipeline installations. . .”
    – Governor Cuomo has seen this devastation in person and commented during the 2013 State of the State, “There is a 100 year flood every 2 years now.”

  • Project has extensive environmental problems.
    – 6 state and federal agencies said the project’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement was incomplete.
    – How could the pipeline be allowed to be built when the NYS DEC described the Environmental Impact Statement deficient?
    – The pipeline would cross 277 bodies of water and 11 miles of wetlands.

  • Very little of the fracked gas carried by the pipeline would be used in NYS or New England.
    – Existing pipelines at the “Constitution’s” termination point are constrained to the east and south.
    – Bulk of the gas would be exported to Canada.

  • Economic problems with NYS relying on fracked gas for it’s future energy needs.
    – Gas prices will rise if NYS encourages more gas use by investing in and relying on additional gas infrastructure.
    – Gas prices will go up when already planned gas export facilities are approved.
    – Prices will rise if NYS builds gas-fired power plants, converts heavy transport to LPG, etc.
    – Gas reserves in the Marcellus formation of PA are projected to peak within 18 years.

  • NY needs to invest in renewable green energy instead
    – Frack gas infrastructure projects will prevent the state from shifting to renewables.
    – Renewables create more jobs that fossil fuels.
    – Frack gas infrastructure projects run counter to the spirit of NY’s Clean Energy Plan.

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